Posing proud next to a rental bike. Lovely.

Photo by Christopher Mavric

Photo by Christopher Mavric

Summer Impressions

Another pack of photos from a Graz Cycle Chic follower – showing us lovely bikes, nice weather and of course chic riders in Graz.
Thank you Alex!

Black & Green

Photo by Alexandra Cohal


Pink Bike

Photo by Alexandra Cohal



Photo by Alexandra Cohal


Red And Blue

Yeah, new photos!s
… and thanks to the help of some Cycle Chic friends there are more to come.




Photo by Christian Michael Witternigg

A Tribute

Puch frame

A few weeks ago my lightblue Puch frame died from the injuries it suffered in a tragical car accident … this is a tribute:

Lightblue #3

Look how people around admire the beauty of that frame.

Lightblue #2

Like the metallic look of the paint.

Lightblue #1

Not a Puch but also a pretty lightblue one. – Photo by Lutz Kühberger

Matching Clothes

Matching your clothes to your bike: a great way not just to show off your beautiful bike but your sense of fashion as well ;). As you can see it’s possible to do with any kind of style or bike.

Clothes and Bikes that match #3
the subtle black one

Clothes and Bikes that match #1
the green »transporter«

Clothes and Bikes that match #2
the sportiv »zebra«

Little Bikes

One in silver (foldable) …
Little Bike #1

… and a green one.
Little Bike #2