Just ride the bike. No bicycle gear. No further extras. Just you and your bike. Two wheels on the road- off you go. That’s how simple it is- back to the basics- transportation in its original form. Cycle Chic combines fashionable style with bicycle culture and bikes in their original form. It’s not about having the latest technical gadgets or extras, but to integrate cycling in your daily routine wearing what you would normally wear – everything from jeans to stylish clothes with high heals. The photos show every day cycling in Graz, they are random shots of cyclists and aim to familiarise citizens with cycling.
We refer to our photos as street photography. Should we ever post a photo of you on our blog that you don’t like, just send us an e-mail and the photo will be removed immediately – admin@grazcyclechic.com. Cycle Chic was invented by Mikael Colville-Andersen in June 2007. For further information on the history of Cycle Chic check out the original Cycle Chic Blog from Copenhagen. The Cycle Chic manifesto also offers a deeper insight: Cycle Chic Manifesto If you have questions, suggestions, complaints or you want to contribute please reach us via admin@grazcyclechic.com.


Mario Jahn
Friedrichgasse 37
8010 Graz, Austria