Monthly Archives: November 2011


Not only the fastest way to get from A to B but also the most livable – choosing the bicycle.

Gloves and Caps

As the weather is getting colder, we can see more and more cyclists with caps and gloves (of course). They delight us with various combinations in color and style. Our two cyclists of the day share the same cap model whereas the lady is standing out with her red gloves!

Copenhagen Cycle Chic 5th anniversary

Today’s the 5th anniversary of Cycle Chic Copenhagen, the origin of all Cycle Chic Blogs worldwide. Five years ago Mikael Colville-Andersen, the founder of Cycle Chic, has posted his very first photo, also known as “The Photo That Launched a Million Bicycles” where it all started. Also check out the other Cycle Chic Blogs all… Read more »

Worth a break – sharing lunch with dear friends … … or having an amusing conversation during a shopping trip.